Governance Structure

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary is Company’s supporting organ functioned to facilitate the communication between the Company and all Stakeholders. Corporate Secretary is responsible to build company’s positive image through an effective communication program management to all stakeholders. Corporate Secretary also has main function to help Board of Directors as liaison officer (Public relation / corporate communication), institution relations, GCG implementation, monitoring the Corporate Social Responsibility implementation as well as administration of document and meeting agenda of Board of Directors with shareholders and stakeholders .


Corporate Secretary is appointed pursuant to Financial Service Authority (OJK) Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014 on Corporate Secretary.


Corporate Secretary duties and responsibilities are among


  1. To provide periodic reports to the President Direct

  2. To provide input from the legal aspect to the Board of Directors, related to operationalization and development of the Company business.

  3. To coordinate and be responsible for the maintenance of licenses required by the Company.

  4. To organize data base and storage of the Company original documents.

  5. To establish a network of mutual cooperation with various parties, including Stakeholders.

  6. To communicate Company policy to internal and external parties.

  7. Prepare Company report in accordance with applicable provisions.

  8. To coordinate the preparation of management reportsand projects for purposes excluding.

  9. To coordinate the materials report for the Meeting Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners Meetings, GMS and meetings with other stakeholders.

  10. To carry out the Company's secretarial activities.

  11.  To prepare report of activities of Corporate Secretary correctly and timely.

  12. To attend the Board of Directors Meeting at the request of the Board of Directors and making minutes of

  13. To prepare the Special Registry the list that contains information concerning the shares of the Members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners and their families within the Company and/or to other Companies and the date of obtaining the shares.

  14. To creating Shareholders Registry and its update

Governance Structure

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